The purpose of this organization is to make international students and international visiting scholars feel welcomed and at home at UA by reaching out to them and showing them the love of God. This will be achieved by five methods.

  1. Helping them with immediate needs as soon as they arrive in Tuscaloosa (finding housing, furniture, cars, banking, utility services, phones, etc.).
  2. By gettting together with them at weekly Bible studies on campus (First Christian Church).
  3. By befriending them and connecting them with other Americans in Tuscaloosa who have a heart for internationals.
  4. By holding small free English classes for them on campus where they can practice their spoken English with Americans.
  5. By scheduling fun, American events for them to attend so that they can have a full, abundant experience during their time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, such as Kentuck, Fireworks in the Park, local concerts, Christmas parades, cookouts, Easter egg hunts, etc.


Meeting Time and Location: Saturdays at 5pm, First Christian Church, 627 Paul Bryant Drive