This is the first time in Mosaic’s history that we’ve had not just one Editor-in-Chief, but two.

 Two people in a position like this has its challenges, of course. We’ve had more ideas to sift through, and, because our ideas and visions might not always align perfectly, more compromises to make. But we’ve found this sort of teamwork to be beneficial. Sharing experiences like combing through well-preserved historical documents in a hushed corner of Hoole Special Collections Library, or editing stories together over coffee have helped us discover what being part of a community really means.

 In this issue of Mosaic, we seek to explore this idea of community. We start on our campus, where students manufacture their own race car from scratch and belt classics from Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story”. Then we zoom out to view the community generated within our city and our state, where individuals advocate for changes in health and education. Finally, we go global. In a living room in Texas, an Honors College students manages her own boutique; halfway across the world, UA alumni teach and broaden their horizons as Fulbright Scholars. During the making of this issue, we learned about Dr. Hilary Green and her research on a man named William— a member of our community whose story was ignored for decades.

 Dr. Green, as you will read on p. 6, has been researching the life, impact and accomplishments of William, a slave owned by members of the campus community in the 1800s. While exploring this topic, we realized that every part of our community is 

Mosaic Magazine Spring 2018 / Winter 2019 Cover

important— even the ones that we may not always find tucked in the pages of our history books.

From the classrooms of Nott Hall to the ends of the earth, our community reaches far beyond what we glimpse from our everyday routines. The students who comprise the staff of Mosaic are part of many communities, but something that will always unite us even after we disperse across the state, the country, and the world post-graduation, is our involvement in UA’s Honors College.

 We hope that, from this issue of Mosaic, you see how special this community is to us.

– Sara Beth Bolin and Kate Silvey, Co-Editors in Chief

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