As college students, we all face that morning struggle of choosing what to wear as we take on the day. Whether you comply to the stereotypical notion of being a lazy young adult by rolling out of bed to attend class in your sweatpants or choose to dress to impress, UA students have the freedom to express their individuality through their style choices. Here are some of the fashion trends you may come across as you stroll through the Tuscaloosa campus.

City Style

Who: Hannah King

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Style Inspiration: Stems from living in a city setting and being surrounded by unique styles.

“I feel like dressing up in a nice outfit (for class) helps me feel more confident in myself and my day to day life.”

Member of: The Honors College


Uniquely Sleek

Who: Jack Burns

Hometown: Sand Rock, Alabama

Style Inspiration: Tibetan Monks

“Tibetan Monks basically wear the same thing every day. I really wanted to go for that… I want to buy nine of the same shirt and pants.”

Member of: The Honors College


The Edgy Girl Next Door

Who: Piper Pochkowski

Hometown: Austin, TX

Style Inspiration: YouTube Channel – BestDressed

Desired Class Attire: Dresses to impress

Member of: Honors College


Stylin’ on a Budget

Who: Giovanni Orozco

Hometown: Decatur, Alabama

Favorite store: SHEIN  

“Whatever stands out to me that’s cheap, I don’t like to pay anything over $10 for a shirt.”


The Comfy School Pride Look

Who: Juliana Laporta

Hometown: Falmouth, Maine

Style Inspiration: Hailey Bieber & Bella Hadid

Desired Class Attire: Comfy    

Member of: Kappa Alpha Theta


The Sporty Duo

Who: Kamryn Gaskin (left) and Jerric Mccoy (right)

Kamryn’s Hometown: Morristown, New Jersey

Jerric’s Hometown: Auburn, Alabama

Kamryn’s Style Inspiration: Previous decades, especially the 70’s and 80’s

“I’m really into old school stuff.“

Kamryn’s a member of: The Honors College

Jerric’s Style Inspiration: Sports attire (especially the Lakers gear)

“You’ll always see me in jerseys and running shorts.“


Army Inspired Ensemble

Who: Mohammed Aleid

Hometown: Saudi Arabia but born in Minnesota

Style Inspiration: Camouflage

“I like clothes that have army style…I also love red shirts. Usually for my day it will be red bag, red shirt, red shoes.”

Member of: The English Language Institute


The Relaxed Skater Boy

Who: AJ Wirt

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Favorite Stores: Recreational Equipment Incorporation (REI) and Patagonia

“I like wearing whatever I’m comfortable in honestly, I don’t really care what it looks like.” 



Comfortably Stylish

Who: Toni Marinkovic

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Desired Class Attire: Comfy

Member of: Pi Kappa Phi


Elegant Minimalist

Who: Omniahal Turiki

Hometown: Saudia Arabia

Favorite Store: Banana Republic

“I like the minimalist style. I think it presents myself and it’s cozy and comfortable.”

Member of: The English Language Institute


Encouraged Chic

Who: Teni Ciby

Hometown: San Jose, California

Style Inspiration: Her roommate 

“My roommate wears dresses every day, she’s bold about her fashion and she has no care for what other people wear so she inspired me to try new things.”

Member of: The Honors College