Anna Peebles


Major: Communicative Disorders
Class: Junior
Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

Anna Peeples is a junior from Montgomery, Alabama. A few of her favorite things

include long walks around town, sweet potato fries, and of course her perfect

labradoodle (who often seems more human than dog), Hallie. Her go-to dessert is an

Icedream Cone from Chick-fil-A. That sometimes makes Sundays pretty tough. Anna is

currently majoring in Communicative Disorders with a minor in Spanish. The exact

career path is not decided, but she knows she wants to work in pediatrics. Anna spent

this past summer studying in Spain, and has also visited other Spanish speaking

countries such as Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica. She hopes to be as fluent as

possible and able to use it in her career. ¡Mucho gusto, Ana!

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