goulash-food-blogPrague is an ageless city, beautifully preserved over centuries, and significant globally as the culturally-rich capital of the Czech Republic. “The City of Spires,” as it is known to the world, it is a timeless, extraordinary place, with colorful baroque buildings and roads that have never been touched by modernization.

“Most of the roads are made out of cobblestone, and cars can’t always go down the street which is why the trolley system is so popular,” said Becca Beals, a University of Alabama senior who spent her summer studying in Prague.

Beals, a communications studies major, said she began to become familiar with the city after only two months of being there, and noticed she was seeing the same people over and over again in in different places. She not only crossed the cobblestoned streets to view the beautiful city and run into acquaintances, but also to taste the culturally diverse cuisine that is offered in Prague.

“The most famous pastry that can be found in the Czech Republic is called Trdelník,” Beals said. ”It is rolled cooked dough that is tipped with sugar and little pieces of nuts. There are stands everywhere throughout Prague, and there are many different ways to order them.”

In addition to the sweet Trdelník treat, beer is also easily found throughout Prague.

“Beer, or “pivo’ is Czech Republic’s national beverage. It’s even cheaper than water, not joking,” Beals said. “It was actually financially responsible to order beer.”

The most popular beer in The Czech Republic is called ‘Pilsner.’ It is extremely popular because it is made in Plzeñ, Czech Republic. While both the Trdelník and beer are very popular in the Czech Republic, Beals said there is one dish you cannot leave without trying.


Becca Beals spent summer 2015 abroad in Prague.

“The most famous meal in Czech is the Goulash,” Beals said. “This is a meat stew and is traditionally served with potato dumplings. Many places make it differently and the spices that they use is up to the chef.”
Almost every chef, cook, or homemaker has their own version of Goulash, Beals said. While Goulash varies from chef to chef,
several key ingredients are guaranteed to give you the essential taste that so many Czech Republic natives celebrate.