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FALL 2016

Watch MOSAIC’s web editor Brian Ogden as he takes on the various challenges posed by student organizations at The University of Alabama.


Like most girls, Amelia Neumeister dreamed of going to Paris since she was little. Over the summer of 2016, she had the chance to live out that dream. Amelia posted blogs regarding her time in Paris from reflections on the differences in culture to thoughts on the many important landmarks or icons of the city. She gave a personal touch to the magic of the city as she learned about the city of lights.


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FALL 2015

Elise Ott has always had a huge fascination with both travel and food. When presented with the freedom to create her own semester-long project for Mosaic, she realized it was the perfect opportunity to explore her love for both. Elise posted bimonthly food blogs that explored the culture of countries that Honors students have visited while studying abroad or during personal travels. She also drew from the diverse culture of UA’s Honors program and learned from international students about their favorite delicacies from home. Each blog includes pictures, anecdotes, and a recipe of the student’s favorite dish from the country they visited is also included so that readers can attempt to make their own at home.