Class: Freshman

Major: Political Science and News Media

Hometown: West Bend, Wisconsin 

Why did you choose to join the Honors College?

“I joined the Honors College because I strive to be surrounded by individuals who share my passion to learn. I have always strived academically, and the Honors College stuck out to me when looking at colleges while I was in high school.”

What is your favorite class you have taken in the Honors College?

“My favorite class so far has been UH 100, I loved examining our lives as scholars and I’ve made friends in my small group that I talk to today (such as Grace Murphy on the Mosaic digital team!) I’m currently in UH 200, and I love how it expands on the topics presented to me in UH 100.”

What has been your favorite part of being in the Honors College?

“My favorite part has been the difference in the course material. I love all my classes here, but with my honors courses, I’ve been able to examine myself and learn more about myself. I love the discussion-based portions of them!”

What advice would you give to those who want to join the Honors College?

“Apply. The relationships I’ve made and the knowledge I’ve gained I would not have gotten anywhere else at this school. The Honors College has pushed me to places outside of my comfort zone, and I am forever grateful I joined.”