As many students know, “The Strip” refers to the area of University Boulevard that has many fan-favorite restaurants and go-to bars. It also happens to be extremely close to fraternity and sorority row, making it convenient for greek date parties and events.

Glory Bound is a great spot to get good food, while watching your favorite sports game.

Nevertheless, many students not involved in Greek life take just as much advantage of the businesses on The Strip. An average excursion on The Strip usually involves a lunch, dinner or late-night snack at anywhere from national chains like Taco Bell and Waffle House to local legends like Glory Bound Gyro Co. and Buffalo Phil’s.

Justice Paige, a cashier at Taco Bell on The Strip, said, “We stay open until 3:30 a.m. on Saturdays, and between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. are our busiest hours.”

Taco Bell is one of the most popular late-night snacks on The Strip, especially after a night at one of the nearby bars. It is located next to one of the most popular bars, Rounders, making it very easy for students to walk over when they leave. Although the restaurant surely attracts the Rounders crew, Taco Bell is frequented by all students for a cheap, quick bite to eat, especially with its new touch screen ordering technology.

Kirby Miller, a graduate student at UA, said, “Taco Bell is my go-to for lunch when I don’t want to make something at home.”

The new Taco Bell features a kiosk where you can place your order on your own.

Quick Grill is a great spot for a late night snack!

Quick Grill is another hidden gem disguised as a small shack right across from Rounders. Lady Reynolds, a senior at UA, said, “There is not a night I go to Rounders without ending with the cheesy fries from Quick Grill.”

Quick Grill does not open until 6 p.m., so it is a common destination for bar-hoppers, but it does not go unnoticed by those who do not attend bars either. The restaurant has been known to have the best cheesy fries.

Another restaurant that gets a lot of attention on The Strip is Jimmy John’s. Julia Brady, a cashier at Jimmy John’s, said, “Thursday, I worked until 4 in the morning.” Brady also proclaimed that “Thursday’s customers are usually a lot of Greek life people because of date parties.”

Shockingly, the 4 a.m. late night for Brady was not most she’s ever done, stating, “Fridays and Saturdays, especially game days, are usually the busiest.” Jimmy John’s is undoubtedly a hot spot on The Strip and lives up to its slogan of being “freaky fast.”

Another UA student, Kelly Clare Stephens, said the workers at Jimmy Johns “practically know [her] order” because she is such a loyal customer.

Right across the street from Jimmy Johns is the one and only Glory Bound Gyro Co. Glory Bound serves as a bar and restaurant and is a very popular spot to day drink, which one can see on a drive down The Strip on a nice day.

A bartender from Glory Bound, Quin Peter, said, “During the [football] season our busiest day is Saturday, but during the summer I would say Tuesdays, weirdly, are our busiest.” Peter claims the restaurant has “happy hours, so it’s always busy.”

The staff at Glory Bound is always so friendly!

Although happy hour is always exciting for college students, Glory Bound also allows students to use their dining dollars for payment, which is a game changer. Many students want to use dining dollars for food to save their own money, which makes sense because Peter said that based on the restaurant’s sales, people go there for food more, even though there is a significant amount of bar sales.

Waffle House is a classic that you can’t miss out on.

Another one of the most famous snacks on The Strip that cannot go without mention is the all-time classic, Waffle House. Waffle House is many people’s go-to for any time of the day. 

One of the workers at Waffle House described the restaurant by saying, “It’s really crazy here.” He emphasized that the restaurant’s busiest times are “when all the parents come.” Waffle House is such a staple for college students, so it is a big hit being on The Strip.

Ultimately, there are many places to choose from to get snacks on The Strip, but you can never go wrong.