Name: Riley Van Ryan

Position: Social Media

Class: Senior

Major: Marketing and Finance

Hometown: Houston, TX


I’ve moved around the USA quite a few times, but I consider Texas to be my home having lived there the longest and growing to love the quirks of Texas. Some of these include the big Houston rodeo, fried everything (and I mean just about everything), Texan lingo, and Buc-ee’s. But! I have also come to consider Alabama my new home, traveling a bit of a way from Texas to this great state with the most beautiful sunsets and The best university in the country! I love many of the little things in this life, but some of my favorites are llamas, the morning sun shining in through the window, a Texas-sized bowl of ice cream, and people’s smiles. I’m looking to pursue a career in real estate investment with hopes of one day becoming a real life Joanna Gaines. In the meantime, I’m trying to make the most of this last year at Alabama in these unusual conditions that still seem to keep bringing to the surface lots of little silver linings!