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This week’s #MosaicGoesClubbing highlights The Culverhouse Investment Management Group (CIMG). CIMG is a student-run investment fund managed by selected students at The University of Alabama with oversight from an investment consultant and faculty advisors.

In January 2009, The University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Commerce established the Culverhouse Investment Management Group to give undergraduates real-world portfolio management experience. The portfolio was funded with donations totaling $315,000 from Culverhouse College of Commerce alumni, with the group making its initial investment in October of 2009; that amount has grown to over half a million dollars today through stock market gains. Members manage the portfolio with guidance from a consultant in the investment community. A percentage of the portfolio’s gains are used to provide scholarships for qualified incoming students at the University of Alabama. (The Source)

We talked to Industrials, Transportation, and Energy Analyst Michael Hincker about how CIMG has helped him reach his academic and professional goals.

michael hincker

CIMG Analyst Michael Hincker

“CIMG has allowed me to gain experience in researching, modeling, and presenting potential equity investments. This experience is directly transferable to my intended career in sell side equity research and buy side investment research. Additionally, the extensive alumni network has facilitated gaining exposure to people on Wall Street where I hope to work one day.”