If you have a favorite outfit, or you have a super busy day and want to go out after work, you should know how to change and tweak that outfit to make it fit for day and night. One of my favorite outfits is my black jeans and “Whatever” tee from Zumies.

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Read on below for 5 quick ways to make your favorite daytime outfit perfect for nighttime too.

1. Sneakers to Heels 

Trade in your favorite sneakers for a pair of cute heels. I changed my Kendall + Kylie Sneakers to a pair of simple black pumps.

2. Smart Watch to Formal Watch 

I love my Fitbit Alta HR for daytime, but when I go out I love to switch it up and wear my Michael Kors Watch instead.

3. Tote Bag to Crossbody

Changing a tote to a crossbody is a great idea because usually you won’t want to lug around a tote bag at night when you’re going out. However, during work or a full day out, having a tote bag may be more beneficial. I use my crossbody at night and my Michael Kors tote during the day.

4. Nude Lip to Red 

A nude lip is my go-to for every-day makeup. My favorite is NYX Liquid Suede – Soft-Spoken. I changed that to NYX Liquid Suede – Cherry Skies for my nighttime look.

5. Add Perfume

Adding an elegant scent that may be a little overkill for daytime is a great way to dress up an outfit. My favorite is my Valentino Donna.

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