Position: Writer/Photographer
Class: Freshman
Major: Marketing
hometown: Ashburn, Virginia

Stephanie is a notherner, turned southerner. Wait, no she’s a west coast girl, turned southerner. No, she’s a well-traveled student from abroad who turned into a southerner. Actually, all are true. Stephanie has lived in many different places, but prefers to call the west coast, specifically San Diego since she lived there the longest and was actually born there, home. When she has waded through the clothing that has been strewn all across her room in disarray, and she has found her way to her bed, you can find her here. Studying, planning her events for the day or just getting a head start on homework. She hopes to someday work in the sports marketing world. Stephanie hopes to one day be able to travel all around to destinations she has not already visited.

Recent Work

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