Position: Photographer/Writer
Class: Senior
Major: journalism
hometown: Moundville, Alabama

Karley Fernandez spends most of her days jostling her longtime job at a “super” home improvement store, her schoolwork and her various side jobs a photographer, but she likes to read herself to sleep at night with the newest award-winning suspense novel while Friends reruns create background noise for her lullaby. As a child, Karley was a bit too imaginative—she set off the fire alarm on many an occasion creating fanciful concoctions in the kitchen—and she wrote songs and plays and unfinished short stories to channel her energy. Florida born and Bama bred, Karley loves her Southern roots but aspires to travel and soak in experiences abroad in order to better develop as a writer, photog, artist. She wants to inspire and to be inspired. She hopes to one day read and critique manuscripts of other writers while having a glass of pinot noir, a loyal dog and a half-gallon of Blue Bell vanilla within an arm’s reach.

Recent Work