Position: Online Media Editor
Class: Senior
Major: Public Relations
hometown: Muscle Shoals, Ala.

Meg grew up in a log cabin in the middle-of-nowhere Alabama. She is an advocate for hair spray, staying up too late and frequent snacking. Meg directly identifies with giraffes because of their awkward “soft smiling” tendencies, and while she does not have a sense of smell, she’s usually got good sense. Meg enjoys filtering all of her emotions through piano playing and free writing. Her dreams include developing an Irish accent and working as a public relations practitioner for a nonprofit ministry organization. She is the president and founder of “Clay’s Crew,” a UA student organization, inspired by her little brother, created to implement awareness and action on behalf of children recovering from traumatic injuries. She’d like to think that in the future she will be the kind of mother who cooks breakfast in the morning, but she will probably be more of a Pop Tart mom.Life motto: “The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus.”

Recent Work