Position: Creative Director
Class: Senior
Major: Studio Art РDigital Media
hometown: Muscle Shoals, Ala.

Maria Oswalt, named after the Maria mentioned in all those Counting Crows songs, is known for two things: her passionate nature and her ever-changing hair colors. The former is the reason for her work with organizations like Creative Campus, Life Matters Journal, Bama Students for Life and Alice Magazine, and the latter is the reason her previously beige bath towel is now stained pink (having gone through over 30 hair colors in the past five years, her towels don’t stay pristine for long.) Maria is a Gryffindor, an INFP, and if she were to choose the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle she identifies with most, it would definitely be Leonardo. Her role models include Stargirl (from the Jerry Spinelli novel of the same name), Demetri Martin and Sophie Scholl.