Position: Photographer
Class: Sophomore
Major: Economics and Finance
hometown: Glencoe, Ala.

Claire is just a simple Southern girl with big dreams. She is obsessed with cupcakes and HGTV, seriously Chip and Joanna Gaines are her heroes. She is kept pretty busy with all the organizations she is involved in, but she would not have it any other way because she hates to be bored. One day, Claire hopes to be a partner in a law firm representing environmental or children’s issues. She could even see herself in a leading position on the political stage, seeing as she one day plans to rule the world. Claire hopes to spread kindness and happiness to all parts of the world by traveling to countries across the globe on mission trips and personal adventures. In her later life, she will return to the South to live out her days sipping sweet tea on a porch swing with her whole family surrounding her. Man, what a life that would be. In the mean time, she just watches Netflix, eats queso, and spends time with her friends while she tries to master the art of “adulting.”