Author: Nick Rinaldi

Peter Do

Peter Do Position: Freelance Photographer Majors: Marketing & Management HR Hometown: Birmingham, AL Class: Junior Peter is an in-state student who has a passion for photography. During the past summer, he has traveled all over New Zealand with The University of Alabama’s Honors’ College to get the best scenery a lens could possibly capture.  Peter is from Birmingham, AL which is a whopping 48-mile drive away. He was the previous photo editor for last year’s Mosaic team, but then chose to continue his journey with Mosaic as a freelance photographer to give someone else a chance to shine. He loves the winter, hanging out with buddies and giving tours to prospective students as an ambassador for Culverhouse College of...

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Terry Mantooth

Terry Mantooth Position: Designer Class: Sophomore Major: Advertising Hometown: Nashville, TN Terry is always up for an adventure; her current one figuring out what she’ll do after college. She’s met more hobbies she likes than those she doesn’t, whether that’s acting, singing, hiking, reading, making hilarious puns, baking, or even just watching Netflix. (Watching Netflix and making hilarious puns tend to be her most prevalent hobbies, however.)  A lefty, she takes pride in the fact that she’s overcome the struggle of being left behind in a right-handed world. Her friends and the Wesley Foundation on campus have an important part of her heart here, and she left the rest of it in Nashville with her dog, Maggie (and her family, too, of...

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Tanner Fant

Tanner Fant Tanner Fant Major: Dance, Psychology Hometown: Starkville, MS Class: Senior Team: Social Media/Online Tanner Fant is a Mississippi native, who devotes her life to dance, advocacy for the arts and inclusion, and Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuits. While pursuing her studies, Tanner is also traveling the southeast as a pageant coach, dance instructor, and choreographer. At the Capstone, she has become a company member and soloist in Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre, as well as a dancer and choreographer in Dance Alabama. She is the co-director of Dance Alabama Film Festival and active in her sorority and throughout campus. Tanner is a member of Cardinal Key, Golden Key, Carl E. Elliott Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Mortar Board honor societies. She was awarded Outstanding Sophomore by the College of Arts and Sciences and Department of Theatre and Dance and had her choreography published in the Marr’s Field Journal. This summer, Tanner was named 1st runner up to Miss Mississippi and awarded the Quality of Life Award for her work with her platform, Let’s All Dance. Let’s All Dance began in Starkville 7 years ago as a dance class for children with unique abilities. Let’s All Dance has made its way to Tuscaloosa with the goal to create unity and inclusion through celebrating participants’ individuality. Through her story of adoption, Tanner has partnered with Palmer Home for Children to...

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Sean Keenan

Sean Keenan Sean Keenan Photographer Junior Mechanical Engineering Sykesville, MD Sean is a junior from Sykesville, MD studying Mechanical Engineering. He is enrolled in the STEM Path to the MBA, and he hopes to complete this in his fifth year. With his education he plans to have a career in the defense industry. In his free time, Sean enjoys playing with his Jack Russell Terrier back home, watching Crimson Tide Football, and watching The Office on...

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Sara Beth Bolin

Sara Beth Bolin Position: Co-Editor-in-Chief Major: Journalism, Political Science, Anthropology Class: Senior Hometown: Franklin, TN An avid lover of words and equipped with a desire to tell people’s stories from a young age, Sara Beth grew up writing down anything and everything possible. Sara Beth is currently a senior studying journalism, political science and anthropology. Although she has wanted to be everything from astronaut to president, she currently strives to pursue a career creating political and lifestyle media for college and post-graduate women. When she’s not writing, you can find her searching for the best americano in town, tweeting more than any human should or binging the West Wing...

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Ryan Truitt

Ryan Truitt Position: Design Editor Class: Senior Major: Management Information Systems Hometown: Florence, AL On any given weekday, you’ll find Ryan between stacks of books in Hoole or sipping a Cuban at Monarch while probably talking about the latest hot product released by Apple. He is the current Chairperson for the Blackburn Institute, UA’s premier leadership development and civic engagement organization, and recently completed a summer internship with Procter & Gamble, where he worked as a product manager for Oral-B. He is passionate about the local public library serving as a community center, and he loves to volunteer at the Tuscaloosa Public Library when he is not pulling espresso shots at Monarch or working on his latest freelance web design project for a...

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Rebecca Snellgrove

Rebecca Snellgrove Rebecca Snellgrove POSITION: social media / web team CLASS: Sophomore MAJOR: Nursing HOMETOWN: Dothan, AL Rebecca comes from the Peanut Capital of the world, Dothan, Alabama. She has always had a heart for mission work which led her to find her passion for Nursing. She dreams of being a nurse anesthetist. Although she is in love with math and science, she has always had a creative mind that longed to express her thoughts through art and media. She has recently created a YouTube channel as another outlet for her ideas. She is very involved on campus with things such as: Greek life, Be Positive, and Academic Honors Council. You can find her on the beach or binge watching One Tree Hill…there is really no in...

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Rebecca Griesbach

Rebecca Griesbach Rebecca Griesbach Position: Writer Class: Junior Major: Journalism & African American Studies Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL Growing up in this town has been both a burden and a boon for Rebecca. On one hand, she had to deal with its game day traffic for 20 years, but on the other, she’s gotten to hear and tell so many stories – stories about life and loss and struggle and resistance and, sometimes, just outright oddity. When she’s not hunting down a source, wheezing up a mountain, or struggling to adult, Rebecca spends time coddling her precious angels (i.e. her two dogs). A reporter since high school, Rebecca was named ASPA Journalist of the Year in 2016, and she is passionate about education policy, civil rights, and serving her state through thoughtful...

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