Author: Nick Rinaldi

Will Raney

Will Raney Will Raney Junior Cullman, AL Chemical Engineering Writer   Will divides his time between his research on brain tumors, online shopping, and thinking longingly about Barbra Streisand. He wants to tell you why you should be reading more Didion and drinking less unsweet tea. There is only one night each year when Will turns on the television – the night of the Academy Awards – and he would like to know, kindly, why Amy Adams hasn’t won something yet. He has lived in the Yellowhammer State for 21 years and plans to attend graduate school far, far away. Will joined the Mosaic team in Fall...

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In the Monkey Business

STORY BY MADISON KILPATRICK PHOTOS BY NATALIE KILIC DESIGN BY NICK RINALDI When she was seven years old, Jennifer Fourroux discovered her passion. Actually, it came to her in a vision – a television that is. One afternoon, a program about monkeys came on TV and caught Fourroux’s eye. The program featured a woman whose sole job was to interact with and take care of monkeys in a sanctuary. After watching for about five minutes – a lifetime in a child’s mind – Fourroux had formed her opinion. She turned to her her mother and said what would set...

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