Author: Ben Tegtmeyer

From Day To Night

STORY BY COLLEEN DOLAN If you have a favorite outfit, or you have a super busy day and want to go out after work, you should know how to change and tweak that outfit to make it fit for day and night. One of my favorite outfits is my black jeans and “Whatever” tee from Zumies. Be sure to check out my amazing photographer, Angel’s, Instagram and website. Read on below for 5 quick ways to make your favorite daytime outfit perfect for nighttime too.                                        ...

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Three Summer Staples That Will Never Go Out Of Style

STORY BY COLLEEN DOLAN PHOTOS BY CHRISTOPHER MENDOZA Before you go cleaning out your closet making room for new fall styles and tossing old summer ones, make sure you don’t throw anything out that will still be in next summer! I’ve found that there are some summer staples that will always be in style. Keeping these items tucked under the bed or in the back of your closet will help you from having to buy similar things each season. Read on for my top three summer staples that I’ll for sure be holding on to! Big thanks to Christopher...

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