Position: Designer
Class: Freshman
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Jarrettsville, MD


Meredith wakes up every day ready to get’er done. She currently studies Mechanical Engineering hoping to understand how things work and design some cool machines. Meredith has had a love for art since coloring in her sister’s library books in elementary school (they were boring in black and white) and enjoys drawing, painting, and animating. She also loves running and taking in the scenery. Her dream job would be an imagineer for Disney as it appeals to artistic and engineering abilities. But she also aspires to be as smart as the brave pioneers who created the Snuggie. Most of the time you can find Meredith roaming in the engineering quad, the library, or the woods. Her most prized achievement was earning the title “dance queen” at prom for awkward dancing but she promises she did not peak in high school and continues to impress her college roommates with “the worm” and other professional dance moves.

Recent Work